So happy you’ve found me!

Originally from Kingston, I live west of Ottawa on a quiet country road with the loves of my life. You can usually find us crashing through the forest, burning baking another batch of muffins, or curled up together with a good book on the front porch.

I wish I could tell you I live for breath-taking moments where the light, the people, and the emotion all line up for that perfect photo, but you should really know that I’m a regular girl who finds beauty in our little moments.

That photos hung on the walls of my home tell the real story of my family – messy faces, tears, laughter, joy in our togetherness.

I can’t do insta-perfect.

I don’t know how to make my daughter’s hair behave or how to encourage my son to wear clothes instead of pajamas. But I do know how to teach my kids to be kind, and how to make my husband laugh. I know that our ordinary days are full of extraordinary love, and that it gives me a catch in my throat whenever I stop to think about it.

If something on these pages gives you that same feeling, or an ache to hold on to the beauty of right now, let’s be in touch.

I’d love to capture your family’s magic.

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