At the end of December, I took time away from social media. Without exaggerating, it was life-changing. It gave me uninterrupted time with my family and time spent in the moment. Better posture, not constantly hunched over my phone (ha!). It was so positive, in fact, that I’ve returned online in much smaller amounts. I’ve put restrictions on my phone to prevent the constant checking-in. Alerts are turned off. I can’t sign in to any social media until after 7PM (when my kids are in bed) and only for a total of 30 minutes a day. It’s no longer hard to do; It’s actually amazing and I rarely find myself yearning to scroll on FB or Insta.

In the process of this, I’ve also took time away from the photography I had been doing to help realign my artistic goals. What I found is something I’ve known deep inside for a long time – at-home sessions have my photographer’s heart. They are honest, with subtle hints at the deeper story. They have images that don’t need to spell out the love that’s there; it’s in the nuance of body language, eye contact, light.

This year, my small business is changing to focus on these at-home sessions. I will still hold outdoor mini-sessions, but my full-session bookings will be for the families yearning to capture the foundation of their connection in their home, condo, apartment, cottage… wherever it is you raise your babies or spend time with your favourite people.

I am so thankful to Amanda and her sweet family who let me come in and play with light, capture the connections, and create art I believe in. Her gallery of photos is below. I want to make more art like this. With you. With families who want to let go and chase the light with me, who aren’t looking for traditional portraits but photographs with wild and soft love, with grit and authenticity, with pain and triumph and adoration and honesty.

Let’s do this. I’m all in and want you to be, too. If this sounds what you’ve been after, even if you didn’t know it, send me a note (here!). Let’s connect and talk about how we are going to photograph between the lines of your family’s love and make some magic in the process.

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