Why would I want photos in my house?
Listen, I get it. Your house may be a mess. It may not be right out of a home decorating magazine. (I’m not sure the last time I mopped, and there are crayon marks on the playroom wall from one of my little artists, so I really get it.) But this is the backdrop of your children’s memories. This is where they are growing up, surrounded by love, by hard-working parents who are doing their best to raise happy, kind human beings. This is where you are allowed to be more yourself than anywhere else in the world. These sessions are near and dear to my heart and my absolute favourite to shoot. My goal is to give you photos you will look back on 30 years from now and say “Remember when…” and laugh or cry or both. Have a look here to see an entire at-home session.

How do I choose an outdoor location?
Good news! Where we do your photos does not need to be picture perfect. You are the most important part of this session, and we will get beautiful photos in any location. Think about a place that is part of your family’s story, somewhere you spend time together, or that is important to you. It might be your local park, the coffee shop where you got engaged, or somewhere from your childhood you always dreamt of bringing your family. Still stuck? Let’s chat to find just the right spot for your family. For a look at a whole outdoor session gallery, start here. (Link to Outdoor Blog Post)

How does your pricing work?
Each type of session is $150, which includes pre-session planning with me (over the phone or by email), the session time of up to two hours, and an online gallery to view all the photos. The pricing to order photos is separate from the session fee. When your photos are ready, you’ll get a private online gallery to see all the best photos from our session and be able to pick your favourites to order and download them. Interested in booking a session and want to know more about the pricing? Let me know and I’ll send my complete price list over to you!

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! Gift certificates are available in any amount and can be used toward any type of session. I can pop one in the mail (snail mail or email!) to you or to someone who you think would like a session with me.

Do you offer couple packages? Yes! To me, you are a family even just the two you. Both my at-home and my outdoor family session packages are applicable to couples, whether you are dating, engaged, celebrating an anniversary or simply celebrating being together.

My kids (and my husband!) hate having their picture taken!
Nobody has a husband or kids who dislike the camera more than mine. It’s a terrible irony I’ve had to live with, but it has made me hyper aware of how to engage even the most resistant children and dads. Don’t worry about making your family look at the camera, and you’ll never hear me ask you to say cheese. We’re going for honest interactions, laughter, connection, even tears (because how beautiful are the cuddles that come with the tears?!) Plus, I have some pretty silly things I may ask your kids to do, while probably making myself look ridiculous in the process. Works like a charm.

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