Let’s talk for just a sec about light. You all know that’s what natural light photographers can go on and on about. Harsh light, direct light, dappled light, backlight. It’s a key player in the kind of family photography I do and I know I’m guilty of saying “This light is amazing!” a few too many times a session (sorry in advance! 🙂 ) But what I want you to know is why I love sunset family photography sessions so much (hint: it’s all about showing YOU off!).

My favourite kind of light is during the “Golden Hour”. That’s the time an hour or so after sunrise and before sunset that has a warm glow. I could explain to you about the angle of the sun in relation to the horizon and get all technical about directional light, but really what I think you’d rather know is that this kind of light is often referred to as Magic Hour because of how flattering it is on people in photos. Yep, the sunset isn’t just about romance; it also makes you look gooooood.

But here’s a little secret: the magic of a sunset family photography session doesn’t actually come from the sun. It’s from the family in front of my camera, their interactions, and their togetherness that the light emphasizes. When you look through this gallery, you might notice that glowing, warm light. Mostly, though, you’ll see the laughter, the connections. You’ll see the love… That’s where you find the magic.

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