At a presentation I gave a month ago at Henry’s, I talked a lot about my influences and why I am driven to family photography. I gave my typical answer about how getting photos of my own kids lead to me wanting to capture moments of other families. But I kept thinking about that afterward. Really, candid family photography is my passion for extremely selfish reasons.

I don’t take photos of my kids solely because I don’t want to forget the way they look, or the things they do. Capturing images of my family is me desperately trying to hang on to the experience of motherhood. When I look at the pictures I take of my kids, I see my determination and fierce love. I see joy even with the ups and downs of being a parent. I see the privilege I have of being the mom to these wild and curious little humans.

That’s where my inspiration comes from: moms. My photography is all about mothers and their grit, and the graceful way they love their families. The photos below came from that same motive, with a focus on capturing the devotion of motherhood and how we are our children’s sanctuary.

This spring, I’ll be holding mini-sessions celebrating moms and their experience of motherhood. We’ll capture images of moms with their kids, but really we’ll be documenting the joy in being together, and the hard work and privilege of being mothers.

Mom + Me sessions will be in May (Ottawa) and early June (Kingston). If you’re interested in a spot, be sure to follow me on Facebook here where I’ll be posting exact details very soon! Better yet, shoot me a message here if you want to chat more about the mini-sessions or an at-home session with your family.



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