Did you see my recent post on Instagram about going through my photos from 2017? I’ve been going through this year’s images and trying to come up with my Top 10 of the year. It is SO HARD to do! There are so many that I see and think, “Oh! THIS is my favourite!”. I think why I feel so connected to so many of these photos is that I remember the situation, the story unfolding as I followed a family with my camera. I witnessed their love and their interactions and I remember how meaningful the moments truly were.

Soooo because I really couldn’t pick, I decided that breaking it down to 10 photos left too many behind. It was still tough getting it down to this group of photos, but these images are the ones that really speak to my photographer’s heart. Some are silly. Some are quiet or curious or cozy. All have love: mine behind the camera, and the subjects’ in the photos.

As you get ready for your start to a new year, I hope you were able to take time and look back on your moments from 2017, and I hope it was hard for you, too, to break it down to a Top 10. Wishing you a Happy New Year!



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