I’m Meg and I photograph love.

Families who are tender,
who are messy and real,
and who ache to hold onto these moments

– that feeling you get when you’re with  the people who matter most.

Lifestyle Photography in Ottawa, Kingston, and Eastern Ontario

We’re not just taking pictures.

We’re capturing your most important connections, and how good it feels to be together.

Sticky fingers grasping your hand.
The warmth of your son’s little body snuggled close.
Husband and wife sharing a quiet look amid the perfect chaos.
The way your heart bursts when you watch your daughter wrapped up in her dad’s safe arms.

Photographing these bonds is my way of documenting the beauty of your family’s foundation, where love and compassion, kindness and soul are anchored.


Sounds silly but the only thing we knew for sure was that we didn’t want traditional looking pictures. I think we were most surprised with how easy it all felt and that your gentle guidance and encouragement brought out a level of comfort that we hadn’t expected. You’re so good at what you do!


Meg is amazing with children, and lets them be themselves – which then creates really genuine photos. Also, I felt really relaxed because of this too.


It seemed effortless for you to capture the best of our family. It wasn’t a stuffy shoot with props or fake smiles. The moments you captured were authentic and portrayed our family perfectly!


I wonder if people go into photo shoots expecting them to feel stuffy or put-on but our work with you felt like the polar opposite! Tim and I were so appreciative of how much of yourself you gave to our session.


It was magical to see how you simply followed my son’s lead which made the candid pictures even more authentic.


Meg creates a really amazing experience that cultivates fun and genuine photos. She is the best photographer that I have experienced with my children. Children LOVE Meg and she knows how to make them have fun while getting beautiful photos.


I would say that this is one of the loveliest gifts that you can give to yourself and to those who love you. You captured something between us that we rarely take time to properly acknowledge and appreciate. Can’t thank you enough!


I think of our session every day with your blown up photos in our family room. You are one talented lady!!

She is fantastic with young kids (and husbands alike haha); she made my slow-to-warm-up daughter super comfortable right from the very beginning of our session.

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